.NET Foundation Campaign: Andreia Gaita

Who am I?

I’m a tools and games developer from Lisbon, Portugal, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark :wave:

I started working with .NET right about 1.1 came out, and in 2006 I joined the Mono project to hack on Winforms, Moonlight and all the various bits that make up Mono. I’ve gone back and forth between the tech industry and the games industry ever since, always with .NET by my side!

At Xamarin I worked on Xamarin.Android, at Unity I worked on the scripting engine (powered by Mono), at GitHub I built GitHub for Visual Studio and GitHub for Unity, and in between I worked on C# language bindings for Gnome, .NET browser bindings for Firefox and Chrome, a Typescript to .NET compiler, ported .NET media center software to Linux, and more.

I am currently an independent game developer working on my first game (with .NET, of course!)

Why I’m Running

I have spent much of my career building and working with communities using .NET in non-traditional platforms and settings. There are many communities of developers that are not involved or even aware of the .NET Foundation and everything else that happens in the .NET world. There are many voices and perspectives out there that aren’t yet represented on the Foundation, and I believe that the .NET Foundation could play a key role in bringing all of these communities together. I want to bring those voices to the board and help bridge this gap.

Game developers, for instance, rely heavily on .NET for tooling and game scripting, but their world is one focused on custom workflows and close-to-the-metal/high performance code, which clashes with the high level abstractions that .NET developers favor. If we bring this perspective closer to the .NET community, everyone in the community will benefit with more tools, workflows, and insight into how to write high performance applications.

I would like to enable the .NET Foundation be that bridge which connects all of the .NET world, facilitating the sharing of information, needs, and perspectives of all of the different communites, from game developers, hardware makers, embedded software folks, Linux Mono developers, to enterprise developers, open source maintainers, tools developers, and all of those we don’t even know about yet!

My .NET and Community Contributions

This is a snapshot of some of the things I’ve worked on, talks I’ve given and community efforts I’ve participated in over the years, moooore or less in chronological order :smile:

Contact Information