.NET Foundation Campaign: Antoine Hémery


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Why I am running

Hi everyone! I am Antoine Hémery, french software engineer working at Algolia, which is a startup centered around search technologies. My project for the .NET foundation is focused on the strong advocacy of the .NET framework and the representation of everyday .NET developers.

I love .NET, C#, and F#. I’ve been working with this amazing framework for three years in an agency and now in a startup. I have built .NET-based applications for a large panel of customers such as banks, insurance and e-commerce companies, and startups. I have a good vision of how .NET applications are built by everyday developers, and that’s why I believe I am in a good position to represent .NET developers in the foundation.

During my career, I have noticed that lots of developers still have misconceptions about .NET. Many still think, for example, that .NET is not open source, or that it can only run on Windows, or that you can’t build .NET applications on MacOS or Linux, etc. My ambition, with the help of the foundation, is to change these biases and spread the word about .NET. I would like the foundation to organize/sponsor more meetups and events, to create more materials for speakers, and to encourage community members to publicly speak about their projects.

I have also noticed that .NET is sadly under-represented in the startup ecosystem because of the misconceptions stated above, which is unfortunate because startups could be huge contributors to open source or the next industry leaders. That’s why I would like for the foundation to have a strong presence and be a champion in the startup community.

My .NET contributions

  • I am the technical lead for Algolia’s .NET Standard library, which empowers every .NET developer to create a great search experience in their .NET applications. (144,400 total downloads on Nuget)
  • I have published .NET application samples.
  • I am a public speaker. I give talks about cross platform development with the .NET Core and how to build .NET Standard libraries.
  • I am an everyday evangelist for .NET. I speak about .NET and our great community to everyone I meet!

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