.NET Foundation Campaign: Dave Glick



  • I’m passionate about open source, .NET, and the intersection of the two.
  • I have a strong vision and ideas on how to enhance the execution of the .NET Foundation mission.
  • I’ve had multiple perspectives within the community as a contributor, as a solo maintainer, as a member of project teams, and in corporate environments.
  • I have experience volunteering in local organizational leadership roles.


I’m running for a position on the .NET Foundation Board of Directors because I want to continue giving back to this community in the most impactful and meaningful ways I can. The .NET open source community has literally changed my life. I’ve learned from you, benefited from your dedication and contributions, and met tons of great people (including many close friends).

I’ve already dedicated myself to promoting open source in .NET through a variety of projects:

  • Discover .NET
    I created and maintain this site focused on project, issue, resource, and event discovery in the .NET ecosystem.
  • @dotnetissues
    I created and maintain this Twitter bot that keeps followers informed about new issues in core .NET repositories.
  • Up For Grabs
    I worked with the maintainers to create a whole new design that enhances the ability to find and filter relevant projects.
  • Blogging
    Though I may not be the most prolific blogger, I try to focus on deep-dives into lesser understood areas like the NuGet APIs (my series is linked from the official NuGet documentation), MSBuild, and Razor.
  • Microsoft MVP Program
    As a three-time awardee I speak at local events like user groups and code camps, participate in podcasts and live coding shows, and provide outside feedback to product teams whenever I can.


The .NET Foundation’s mission is to to foster innovation, which we believe starts with open development and collaboration. While I fully support this mission, and appreciate the work the Foundation has done to date, I think there are ways in which it’s execution could be greatly enhanced.

  • Communication with Member Projects
    Communication with the .NET Foundation and its member projects needs to be improved. Some ideas I have include assigning a board member to each project as a dedicated point of contact, greater participation from the .NET Foundation in day-to-day project issues, and more structured and defined support channels for member projects.
  • Communication Between Member Projects
    Likewise communication between .NET Foundation projects could be enhanced to take advantage of synergies between them. Some ideas I have include periodic “stand-ups” where all .NET Foundation projects would be invited to provide a short status to each other and the community and a focus on cross-project opportunities through collaboration with their dedicated board point of contact.
  • Promoting .NET Open Source
    The .NET open source community doesn’t just consist of .NET Foundation projects, and fostering innovation doesn’t start and end with them. The Foundation could do a better job promoting and supporting non-Foundation projects in a variety of ways like increasing exposure by giving non-Foundation projects a platform via the Foundation website.
  • Inclusion and Diversity In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a white dude. While I obviously represent one slice of the .NET community, I certainly don’t represent the whole community. I would love to see a greater focus paid by the Foundation on making sure that it supports the entire .NET community, including an emphasis on growing the community in under-represented demographics through active and vigorous inclusion initatives. The .NET tent is big and we’re better together with as large and diverse a community as we can build. A smart person on Twitter once said “inclusion is the action…diversity is a result.”
  • Open Source Sustainability
    If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that this is a particular interest area of mine. I think we’re just starting to consider what a modern healthy open source project looks like and how to sustain that in the long run. I love that the community is experimenting with different sustainability models and would really like to see the .NET Foundation engaged and participating in these discussions.
  • Education And Early Introduction
    I know there is a group within Microsoft focusing on academic and other early educational opportunities, and I would love to see the .NET Foundation take a leadership role alongside Microsoft here. There’s a huge potential to expose the next generation of developers to .NET. Likewise, I’d love to see continuing support of user groups, code camps, and other on-the-ground education and training with increased commitments wherever we can.


I love being an active participant in open source. I’m involved in many different roles, which gives me distinct perspectives and an appreciation for the ways in which they compliment and challenge each other.

As a Contributor

I try to help other projects whenever I can and have contributed to many projects with pull requests and other support both large and small.

As a Maintainer

I maintain several .NET open source projects including…

As a Team Member

The healthiest open source projects often have a team, and it’s important to consider the needs of these kinds of projects alongside those of solo maintainers. I am fortunate enough to participate as a team member on multiple .NET Foundation projects:

As a Corporate Consumer

Though I spend my personal time participating in .NET open source on the producer side, I spend my day job navigating challenges as a corporate open source consumer. Even though I lead an engineering team, I am constantly confronted with the sometimes challenging realities of open source interaction in an Enterprise. This aspect of the .NET open source community can’t be ignored and any successful engagement by the .NET Foundation must keep it in mind.


I already give significant time to my local civic, school, and family communities. It’s not unusual to find me most nights heading to a PTA meeting (I’m currently the treasurer), scout planning session (I chair our local committee), or other volunteering commitment. I’m really looking forward to applying the same energy I give my family and local communities to my global community of open source peers in a more formal capacity.