.NET Foundation Campaign: Erik Schierboom

Why I’m Running

  • Passionate about .NET and open-source
    I’m really passionate about .NET and open-source, and as such want to help make the .NET open-source ecosystem flourish.

  • Offer a different point of view
    I’m not the typical candidate, as I work for a relatively small company, don’t live in the USA (I’m from Holland), and I’m not a “rockstar” developer by any means. I also have experience in a lot other languages, such as F#, Kotlin, Scala, Ruby and Haskell. As such, I think I can really offer a different point of view.

  • Embrace F#
    When talking about .NET, people usually assume you are doing C#. However, people often forget about F#, which is a brilliant language that runs on the .NET platform. Not only is F# a great language, it also has a vibrant community, with lots of great open-source projects like FAKE, Paket, Fable and Ionide. I would like to help foster the embracing of F# and its community within the .NET foundation.

  • Support mentored learning
    Learning a new language can be hard, but learning it while being mentored by an experienced developer can greatly help. This is why I love the F# foundation’s mentorship program and which is why I am a mentor on Exercism, in which I help people learn C# and F# through mentored learning.

  • Encouraging people to contribute
    When my first open-source contribution was accepted, I felt great! I would like to support initiatives to help as many people as possible to get involved in open-source.

My .NET Contributions

  • I’ve contributed to several .NET foundation projects
    As an example, I’ve contributed to xUnit, xUnit.analyzers, Humanizer and Cake.

  • I’m a core contributor to Exercism
    Exercism is an online platform designed to help you improve your coding skills through practice and mentorship. As a maintainer and mentor of the C# and F# tracks, I’m responsible for creating the best learning platform for students wanting to learn C# or F# on Exercism.

Contact Information