.NET Foundation Campaign: Joseph Guadagno

About Me

I am a Microsoft Developer Service MVP. I have been an MVP since 2008. I have spoken at multiple conferences throughout the last ten years.

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Why I’m Running

For 20 years or so I have been in Software Development. During that time I have used many tools, languages, and technologies. I started out programming with a small book on QuickBASIC. I later moved on to Visual Basic for DOS. Windows then came along and I starting using Visual Basic for Windows, I then migrated to Visual Basic .NET and eventually ended up using Visual C#. I work as an Engineering Director at Quicken Loans, based in Detroit, MI. I am a public speaker and present internationally on a lot of different technology topics.

One of my primary goals in life is to leave this live (planet) better than it was when I joined it. I do that in many ways. My favorite way is to grow people and help make them better. I do this through education. Presenting/Public Speaking. I also do this by helping others find ways to help themselves grow. I believe that being on the board of the .NET Foundation, I can help the vision of .NET and make it easier for others to adopt and grow themselves. In the past, I have worked with many other talented professionals while serving on the Board of Directors for INETA to help spread the education and adoption of .NET.

I feel I am very well suited for the position.

You can listen to my interview about my candidacy done my fellow candidate Spencer Schneidenbach

My Community Contributions

.NET Contributions

INETA Experience

INETA was the International .NET Association. I served on the board for eight years. Two as Director of Marketing, four as President, and two as Vice President.

Community Contributions

Open Source Projects


  • Public Speaker
  • Organized Events at the Microsoft MVP Summit
  • Book Reviewer

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