.NET Foundation Campaign: Maira Wenzel

Picture of Maira Wenzel

Why I’m Running

First of all, I’m super passionate about .NET, open source and our community. I want to see a board for the .NET Foundation that is diverse, inclusive, and rich in terms of different experiences and skills that each person brings to the table.

I love helping people and coaching them on how to get started contributing to open-source projects. As a woman, as a latina, as a working mother, I’d love to help create a safe environment for all to contribute and have your voices heard.

I want to help grow the foundation and I’d love to get more connected with the .NET community in Brazil as well, since it’s my country of origin.

I started programming in .NET back in 2003 and today I’m a content developer for .NET at Microsoft, which means I’m responsible for writing some of the documentation you see on docs.microsoft.com/dotnet. This job gives me a lot of experience in working on and running open-source projects since this is what I do on a daily basis. We managed to create excitement and a community around docs that I’m really proud of - our main repo just recently surpassed 1000 contributors! And I truly believe that having good documentation is key to having a great product! I also previously worked on the localization team and that experience really opens you up to understand scale and how to reach millions of developers across the globe! These skills could come in handy for the community projects under the foundation.

I also volunteer on coding workshops in partnership with Ignite Worldwide to teach girls and non-binary students how to code (elementary through high school).

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