.NET Foundation Campaign: Martijn Laarman

Why I’m Running


Hello, my name is Martijn Laarman, and I truly believe there has never been a more exciting time to be a .NET developer then right this moment. I am running for a seat on the .NET Foundation board of directors because I want members to have more opportunities to assert their influence.

I strongly believe empowering .NET Foundation members with more influence is a strong incentive for the .NET community to self organize under the .NET Foundation umbrella.

Technical Steering Committee representation

I want to ensure .NET foundation members have direct and permanent representation on the Technical Steering Group through a working group as a single entity much like corporate sponsors gets a seat.

Separating the elected board of directors and having a dedicated working group to provide technical feedback allows people with different skill sets to find their niche to take an active leading role in the foundation.

Advisory Council

Similar to the technical steering committee work group, the Advisory Council should be elected as well. Also, the goals and deliverables for this group should be reformulated more clearly on the website. The original proposal currently 404’s.

This could potentially be the same wonderful group of people as the elected members on the technical steering committee.

Open Source MVP’s

Love or hate the MVP program it’s undeniable that The Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) title enables many folks to advance their careers within the .NET community and access to the MVP summit which is a great networking event.

It’s a program that awards people who evangelize Microsoft Products, and for that its a wonderful and successful program.

More recently OSS contributions have been started to be recognized as well.

The current process puts the burden of proof on applicants by filling out forms and listing accomplishments. This works great for product and platform MVP’s but not for open source.

It puts people who already feel undeserving at a disadvantage and rewards people who are more used to selling themselves.

I want the .NET Foundation to be responsible for recognizing community members based on valuable contributions. What contributions have value will be decided by the community. Individuals elected should have to freedom to join that program with or without NDA’s. Enabling all folks, regardless of their experience, an opportunity to earn a place in the community is essential for our future. Special care could be taken to include newcomers to the .NET world.

Democratize NuGet

With over 17 billion downloads, NuGet is a pivotal part of the .NET ecosystem. Every .NET developer’s perception of the platform can potentially hinge on how NuGet performs. I want this foundation and its members to have more influence on the operating practices of this critical subsystem. For the .NET ecosystem to prosper 30+ minute publish times need to squashed down to seconds.

Reserved Namespaces

Currently, Microsoft is the sole party in reserving namespaces for libraries. Reserving namespaces should be done in coordinance with the .NET Foundation.

F# Foundation

I want to find common ground between the .NET foundation and the F# foundation. Common ground could take many forms whether that is creating a communication channel for both foundations or more formally create a position on the board of the .NET foundation that can be filled by a representative from the F# foundation.

My .NET contributions.

You can find more here or hit me up on twitter.