.NET Foundation Campaign: Mattias Karlsson

Why I’m Running

I’m running because I would like to influence and inspire the direction of the foundation both in general, but a few areas in particular:

  • Increase communication between projects, combined there’s a lot of know-how and experiences.
  • Offer more services and guidance/recipes, to aid with maintaining projects.
  • Increase .NET Foundation local presence, to raise awareness of the foundation and acknowledge local communities.
  • Diversity, how can we grow and ensure a healthy .NET Community, mentorship, sponsorship, etc.

Interview by Spencer Schneidenbach

Spencer Schneidenbach interviewed be about me running for .NET Foundation Board of Directors seat while at MVP Summit 2019.

You can take a listen to that interview over at SoundCloud.

My .NET Contributions

  • Meetups - on the board and active organizer for the local .NET and DevOps user group.
  • Opensource - contributes to and maintains several .NET open source projects, most known for being on of the maintainers behind the .NET build orchestration tool Cake and .NET JSON serializer LitJSON.
  • Speaker - regularly speaks at local user groups, conferences and schools about .NET related topics.
  • On the board at two .NET Higher Vocational Education programmes.

Contact Information