.NET Foundation Campaign: Mikayla Hutchinson


Why I’m Running

I love C# and .NET, and I’m running for the .NET Foundation board because I want to help it be a more diverse and inclusive community. As an openly queer trans woman, I will not only represent others like me, but I also will support and advocate for other underrepresented folks and help to drive inclusion and outreach initiatives.

My .NET Contributions

I’ve been involved in open-source .NET since 2005, when I built a drag-and-drop ASP.NET Web Forms designer for Linux desktop as part of the Google Summer of Code with the Mono Project.

Since then I’ve been involved with a number of open source projects around the .NET and Mono ecosystems. Most of my contributions have been part of my work at Novell, Xamarin and Microsoft, but I also have a few open-source side projects, including a .NET Core compatible implementation of the T4 text templating language, an MSBuild language service for Visual Studio for Mac & MonoDevelop, an extension for Visual Studio for Mac & MonoDevelop that helps build extensions, and a C# plugin for Unreal Engine.

I don’t just write code. I’ve worked as a product and program manager as well as a software engineer, and helped to architect and coordinate a number of cross-team collaborations and projects at Xamarin and Microsoft.

I’m passionate about helping folks learn and get things done. I’ve given a number of talks about .NET and Mono, and I’ve mentored students for the Mono Project with Google Summer of Code since 2007. I’ve also been the primary Summer of Code admin for the Mono organization for much of that time.

Contact Information