.NET Foundation Campaign: Mitchel Sellers

Why I’m Running

As the technology group leader of the largest .NET CMS (DNN) that is a member of the .NET Foundation I have been able to realize exactly how a project can benefit from the .NET Foundation. With my experience as a leader of a project supported by the foundation I can work to help ensure that the foundation has the tools in place to better support the members. To ensure that the members have a better understanding of how the .NET Foundation works and what tools are available to them as part of this organization.

With the perspective of trying to transition such a massive platform as DNN into .NET Core I have been given a unique perspective on open source project management and I feel that my experience would be helpful to the .NET Foundation to improve the program for all.

My .NET Contributions

Over the past 10 years I’ve been contributing to .NET in a number of different ways. I’ve contributed as the creator of numerous .NET & .NET Core projects, including my most recent .NET Core Utilities that help to make .NET Core development easier for specific business use cases.

I’ve contributed open source solutions to help developers create robust CI/CD pipelines with Azure Pipelines by providing additional tasks to support DNN, .NET Core and C# development patterns that are not yet supported. Information on these tasks

In addition to the open source contributions through my own projects, I’m also currently the technology leader of the DNN Platform open source project working to coordinate the community effort to manage, test, release, and support this large .NET based platform. As part of this effort I am helping to lead the charge on a transition to .NET core to ensure that DNN Platform has a bright future.

Lastly, I enjoy sharing my experiences with the rest of the development community and often speak about my history at various tech events and conferences.

Board Experience

One of the last things I wanted to highlight is that I do have experience working in the structure of a board of directors or leadership role. I feel that my experiences here also provide me unique exposure the workings of organizations, especially volunteer organizations, at the board level. The level of communication, coordination, and delegation/management is something that does improve with experience. I’ve had the following experience serving on organizational boards.

  • DMACC Alumni Association - Served on the board from 2011-2018, president from 2015-2018
  • DNN Association - Currently Treasurer, and responsible for speaker selection, joined on 2018
  • Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association - Currently Director of IT, responsible for IT Strategy, joined on 2018 to the board volunteering since 2016

Working on these boards I have interacted with many different groups of people helped to reach strategic goals both technically and otherwise. The experiences within each of these organizations have provided me unique experiences that have allowed me to develop effective communication skills working within these diverse organizations.

Contact Information