.NET Foundation Campaign: Morten Nielsen


Why I’m Running

I’ve been working with .NET since the very first .NET 1.0 beta1, and fondly remember the excitement of putting a website into production on the second beta. It was then that I fell in love with programming, and .NET has been near and dear to me ever since.

I’ve been actively involved with open source .NET almost since the beginning, and there’s no doubt that .NET Open Source and community work is the main reason I have the career I have today. It’s why I believe so strongly in its power, and how it helps us all grow and learn through sharing and building together. I’m most passionate about building solid client APIs and controls, and collaborating to create intuitive, maintainable API designs.

I’ve been a Microsoft MVP since 2011, all in .NET related categories, and I work full-time on building .NET class libraries for use within client apps on WPF, UWP, Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms. Through my daily work I hear and help take on the struggles of commercial customers building on .NET. Through my open source, however, I’m able to interact with an even broader community and gain a fuller perspective from it. It has helped me grow and understand many of the problems (and joys) a large cross-section of .NET developers experience, and I would love the opportunity to share those experiences and to use them to contribute to the .NET Foundation, through that help more projects and people grow.

My .NET Contributions

I’m very active in the .NET community in a variety of ways, providing feedback to the .NET stakeholders, submitting PRs across many .NET projects, maintaining a slew of .NET libraries and tools on GitHub, filling gaps, and sharing controls (including tools for help testing and analyzing/reviewing .NET libraries). For instance I helped kickstart and set the direction of the Windows Community Toolkit and establishing good API patterns. I’m frequently submitting feedback (and PRs) across a wide spectrum of projects when I see issues.

Some of the projects I maintain:

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