.NET Foundation Campaign: Natallia Dzenisenka

Why I’m Running ✨

Of all technologies, .NET had the greatest influence in defining my career and has the biggest place in my heart since I started programming. A 10-year-old me was inevitably charged with enthusiasm reading books by Jon Skeet, Phil Haack, and Scott Hanselman, and absolutely fascinated working with C# as a first language. Being so deeply interested and invested in .NET inspired me to enter a Computer Science University degree early at the age of 14. Today I am a software engineer, speaker, mentor and a well-known community activist in Eastern Europe with a decade of a full-spectrum expertise across variety of platforms, languages, and technologies: functional programming in F# and Scala, distributed systems, big data, Java and JVM ecosystem, open-source, large-scale data analysis, and data science. I have full comprehension of where .NET stands among the wide range of technologies. I hope my multifaceted knowledge and profuse experience will be greatly helpful in working to expand the power of .NET, apply its strength to all platforms, environments, and scenarios, and bringing it to the very top.

There are many election candidates who are well-known and recognized figures for their highly impactful contributions to .NET, and they rightfully have a bigger likelihood to get elected. If I am elected, I will have no less value and potential to make an impact. At the root of me is incredible passion and desire to help .NET ecosystem be its best. I deeply love and believe in .NET.

Representing independent community of software engineers who truly love .NET, and languages like C# and F# for their unique elegance and excellence, I am running to help take the existing power of .NET and advance .NET ecosystem to excel as a first-class citizen for all platforms and all types of applications across many domains. I would be immensely honored and delighted to have trust of the community and serve the .NET community.

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