.NET Foundation Campaign: Nate Barbettini

About me

Hi, I’m Nate! I’ve been coding since 13 (HyperCard and Visual Basic 3.0 were my gateway languages). More recently, I’ve been an early adopter and advocate of .NET Core and have written a lot of blogs, talks, and Stack Overflow answers to help people get up to speed.

I care deeply about democratizing education, and helping more people fall in love with programming like I did. ❤️ I wrote and published the Little ASP.NET Core Book under an open license to help get a whole new generation of coders interested in the cool things we’re doing in .NET. The reaction has been great! It made a big splash on Hacker News and I still get emails weekly about it.

I think open source has been a huge multiplier in making it easier to get into programming. However, education and learning resources often lag behind. This can lead to frustrating experiences where the tutorial steps you need are buried in a blog post or a video somewhere, and can also lead to “cargo cult” practices when concepts aren’t explained well and hand-wavey packages are used instead.

What I’d do on the .NET Foundation

My day job is helping to improve developer experience and onboarding. I’d use that expertise to focus on:

  1. Documentation. I believe having good docs is one of the biggest multipliers we can use to help as many people have a great .NET experience. The docs.microsoft.com team has built a fantastic platform with great content, and I’d love to help make it even better – for both the core frameworks and all projects in the .NET Foundation.

  2. Building an easier “ramp” for beginners. It’s always daunting to take the first step, especially if you don’t have much experience. I’d like to help make .NET Foundation projects as friendly and inclusive as possible by setting examples and contributing to great onboarding experiences, first-time tutorials, samples, etc.

My projects and contributions (.NET and otherwise) 🤓

Contact Information

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nbarbettini GitHub: https://github.com/nbarbettini LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nbarbettini