.NET Foundation Campaign: Peter Mbanugo

Why I’m Running

My reason for joining the campaign is because I’d love to see a better welcoming .NET community with more contributions from underrepresented communities. My vision for that are:

  1. A community where beginners find it easy and with confidence to contribute to any open-source project of their choice. Issues that beginners can tackle can be left open for them to take on and also have mentors (or more experienced folks) guide them along the process of making their first commit/contribution.
  2. A community where not just people who are focused on coding contribute, but where writers can feel encouraged to contribute content that’ll help onboard new and experienced people.
  3. Safe spaces/projects so students, parents, and people switching careers can get enthusiasm and courage to join, learn and contribute.
  4. To foster more contributions from underrepresented communities and support them also.

Those are similar reasons that made me join as a co-chair to Node.js Nigeria and I hope to accomplish them if being elected as part of the board.

My .NET Contributions

My .NET contributions are mostly around blog posts. You’ll find some of them on Pluralsight guides, Telerik’s blog, or my own blog. I also used to run a .NET study group.

Contact Information