.NET Foundation Campaign: Pratik Khandelwal


A little about me

I am a final year Computer Science student (Machines and computers have fascinated me since I was a kid) and a Microsoft Student Partner for 2 years from India , currently doing an internship, going to be freshly out of college 😀 . I always experimented with a lot of technologies, finally finding home at .Net after I was introduced to it by a senior in my 2nd semester. I began developing UWPs for personal projects, then moving on to ASP.NET, Xamarin, IoT… and I literally have given a try to almost everything I could get my hands on using dotnet!! I mean, the tools we have are so developer friendly, with excellent performance and great documentation! Why wouldn’t any developer fall in love with that? I did! 🖖

Why I’m Running

As we keep growing, I think there’s one area I think we can do better. I’ve seen a real lack of awareness about the awesomeness Dotnet has to offer among non-industry professionals, to be specific, students! As an MSP, I’ve visited a fair amount universities in my country to conduct tech talks and workshops. And the lack of awareness always irked me. Most students in my experience were always really fascinated by the power & flexibility dotnet ecosystem has to offer after the workshop, about which they earlier had no clue.

Now, I do know this is a very long shot for a student like me, but if I do get elected, I would love to work with the community to push student engagement and give young generations an opportunity to make an informed decision to choose there developer ecosystem. In my personal experience, one can always get into any ecosystem, but you always have a deep passion for your first dev. ecosystem! And it’s that passion of young gen developers that I want to drive into our community!

My .NET Contributions

I am the author of ASP.NET MongoDB documentations and Samples: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/tutorials/first-mongo-app?view=aspnetcore-2.2&tabs=visual-studio


I’m also currently working on a Raspberry-Pi NuGet Package for Windows IoT Core to simplify the developer experience. It’s currently in work, will soon open-source the repo.

Coming to non-tech contributions, I founded a Microsoft Student Technical Community in my campus, where we conduct weekly workshops on different Dotnet Technologies and Azure. Establishing this community was a goal of mine since I joined University (I was a Microsoft fanboy and there was no MSFT community then). Establishing this community and bringing constant engagement was one of the most fun parts of my college life which also contributed to a significant personal growth!

  • I have a few personal/group projects. Would love community ideas and contributions if you find ‘em worthy 😁 https://github.com/prkhandelwal?tab=repositories

Contact Information

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/K2Prk
  • GitHub: https://github.com/prkhandelwal