.NET Foundation Campaign: Sam Basu

About Me:


Hello world. I have been a community-focused .NET developer for the past 15 years and enjoyed every bit of it. While a Developer Advocate job role or being a Microsoft MVP for half a decade are very rewarding, nothing gets this developer more excited than when we can pull off amazing things with code. I appreciate our developer community immensely, and always try to give back through education & passion.

Why I’m Running

No software ecosystem can thrive without a passionate developer community. Over years, I have built developer communities from ground up. I speak & write a lot. I put together large developer conferences. I talk to developers all the time. As a Progress Telerik Developer Advocate, I have seen nuances of both commercial and OSS software, where the developer is the customer. As an INETA Secretary on Board of Directors, I have seen developer communities thrive and fail. So I bring beliefs grounded in reality and unique perspectives to serve the larger .NET community.

I will be your voice & advocate for reason. Like free icecream.

Also for more inclusion. Funding for grassroots communities. Better lifecycle support for projects.

.NET has evolved. The modern .NET stack inspires creativity, with mature tooling and broad platform reach. The most satisfying aspect of today’s .NET as a community developer has been the Open Source transformation of the entire ecosystem. The world runs on software. We developers have responsibilities, opportunities and all the ammunition to create amazing software. Let’s shape the future of .NET together.

My .NET Involvement:

  • I do keynote talks on .NET & its future
  • I speak extensively on modern mobile/web/desktop/cloud development with .NET
  • I author pertinent content for .NET developers
  • I advocate relentlessly for adoption of OSS and X-Platform .NET
  • I contribute to Docs & open source almost all of my demo code
  • I’m involved with OSS Telerik UI for UWP
  • I’ve played architect to large scale .NET enterprise projects
  • I have written OSS SignalR Wrapper libraries