Spencer Schneidenbach

Hi! I’m Spencer Schneidenbach, and I’m running for the .NET Foundation Board of Directors.

I'm a community leader with proven experience advocating for both developers and community leaders in the .NET ecosystem. It's our .NET, so let me represent you.

Questions? My door is always open:

Why I’m Running

My name is Spencer Schneidenbach and my interest in the .NET Foundation Board of Directors is centered around advocacy and outreach. As a community leader, my goal is to represent the interests of community leaders around the globe, including but not limited to: user group leaders, conference organizers, other Microsoft MVPs, bloggers, and conferences speakers.

I have proven experience in building relationships with the .NET community, as well as communities outside of our own. I want to leverage those relationships to advance the cause of the .NET ecosystem. Further, I want to expand that by representing .NET in communities where it may not normally be first-choice and/or still has a bad rap from the “old” Microsoft days 🙂 By nurturing adoption of .NET, we can ensure a healthy, vibrant, and resilient community.

I also have an interest in representing corporate and/or so-called “dark matter “ developers. Because I frequently attend and speak at conferences around the world, I get the pleasure of interacting with folks who normally do not get a voice at the table. I’ve traded tweets and emails with many of these folks, with the goal of making .NET more accessible for developers worldwide.

By earning a seat on the .NET Foundation board of directors, I want to be a clear and focused voice to and for the .NET community, while continuing to teach the larger developer community all of the benefits of using .NET.

I’m also a big believer in brevity, which is why I tried to keep my campaign statement short. 😃

A little more about me

I’m a two-time Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies from the United States and currently the Chief Architect at Ryvit, a startup centered around integration technologies for the construction industry. I’m also a member of the ASPInsiders and a frequent speaker at international events, which has given me the opportunity to interact with developers and community leaders the world over.

My Relevant Experience (and contributions to .NET!)

  • Two-time Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, specializing in ASP.NET and C#. Member of the ASPInsiders.
  • Content and Community Outreach Chair for the dev up conference in 2017 and 2018. Responsible for interacting with the speakers, user groups, and advocating for the event. Created and managed a budget, participated in regular meetings, and helped steer the attendee experience.
  • Teacher and speaker at events worldwide, with several videos on YouTube of my conference talks about .NET. Participated heavily in the “hallway track”, helping attendees of the event with their .NET-related questions and issues.
  • Content advisor for conferences around the United States, including Kansas City Developer Conference and Music City Code.
  • Maintainer of several small .NET projects on GitHub, including Automapper.Attributes and Recess, an example project for CQRS in ASP.NET Core.
  • Architect and consultant for firms looking to expand their use of .NET.

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