.NET Foundation Campaign: Steve Gordon

Why I’m Running

I’m proud to be a member of the .NET community and I want to be involved in shaping its future and to help make .NET even more accessible and our community even more diverse.

I am campaigning with a vision which includes two important elements…

Growing the Community Through Meetups

As a meetup organiser myself, I want to grow the support extended to .NET meetups and community .NET conferences around the world.

If elected, I plan to invest my time on the board, to help support community members who wish to start their own .NET meetup, by providing advice, resources and assistance.

By extending the support offered to new meetups and expanding the number of actively engaged communities, we can spread the enthusiasm we have for .NET and extend our community to new members from all backgrounds.

I believe that by growing an even stronger, friendlier community through meetups, we will strengthen the growth, popularity and support of .NET Foundation projects for years to come. Collectively, we can create a safe, exciting place where developers can share opinions, knowledge and experiences; learn from one another, develop new skills and make new friends.

Approachability Through Documentation

The second part of my vision aligns closely with my passion for helping developers learn about .NET. If elected, I intend to use my position on the .NET foundation board to help .NET Foundation projects to enhance the accessibility and approachability of their documentation. I believe that this will support more developers who wish to join our community and help to expand the reach of .NET across the world.

I would focus resources to build upon the amazing work done by the Microsoft documentation teams; aiming to create a similar structure, quality and consistency of the documentation and samples available for .NET Foundation projects. This will lower the barrier of entry for developers, help guide best practices and build an even stronger eco-system of community libraries, that developers can depend on, in order to build world-class applications.

You can also read more about my campaign in my recent blog post.

My .NET Contributions

I’m a Microsoft MVP and I’ve been developing software with .NET for over 15 years. I’m a senior software developer for Madgex Ltd and feel extremely lucky that my day job is also my hobby.

I love to share the things that I learn with other developers and have been blogging about ASP.NET Core and .NET Core topics for over 3 years. I enjoy keeping current with the new features which the teams are working on and contribute where I can. I publish short videos to my YouTube channel and have recently authored my first Pluralsight course.

I enjoy speaking at conferences where I can engage with and help other developers more directly. I also run a monthly .NET meetup group where local developers can come to learn more about .NET related topics and network with their peers.

I am involved with a number of .NET foundation projects and open source initiatives. For example, I am a core contributor to the Humanitarian Toolbox allReady project. This is an open-source project designed to help disaster relief organisations save lives.

I have contributed to discussions in libraries such as Polly and have helped author parts of the official Microsoft documentation for ASP.NET Core.

Contact Information

Campaign Video

I’ve put together a short campaign video summarising the key points of my campaign statement. Click Here to view it.