.NET Foundation Campaign: Sunny Ahuwanya


Why I’m Running

I’ve been working with .NET since version 1.0. I’m passionate about .NET and I’m in awe of its influence on the software development landscape (LINQ, lambdas, async/await, for instance). I have even written a few open source .NET projects. I’m a software engineer at Facebook. Prior to Facebook, I worked at several companies of various sizes, with varying business domains, and with .NET and non-.NET codebases.

It’s been refreshing to watch the .NET ecosystem embrace open source. However, over the years, I’ve also watched with dismay as less capable software development ecosystems, such as Node.js and Python, overshadow the .NET ecosystem. That’s why my reason for running for the board of the .NET Foundation is to improve accessibility and outreach of the .NET ecosystem.

The number of software developers is doubling roughly every five years, and the newer programmers are increasingly choosing non-.NET software development platforms. As a member of the board of the .NET foundation, I’ll champion proposals that will help the next generation of programmers easily discover and get onboarded to the .NET ecosystem. Some of these proposals include sponsorship of .NET open source projects useful for academia, game development, web and mobile frameworks; supporting local user groups and events; and promotion of starter kits for .NET development.

The .NET Foundation is well positioned to broaden the .NET ecosystem. With your vote, I can shape the foundation to help the next generation of programmers discover the power, versatility, and joy of working with the .NET ecosystem.

My .NET Contributions

  • C# Pad – The only available web-based C# REPL; used worldwide by developers, students and .NET enthusiasts. This project influenced try.dot.net
  • RestBus – The fastest (and easy to use) .NET RabbitMQ client. This project was the first to demonstrate that non-HTTP transports can be coupled efficiently with ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, and ServiceStack.
  • I codified the buffer pooling technique used by ASP.NET Kestrel Server. This technique influenced the System.Buffers library.

My Answers to Member Questions

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