.NET Foundation Campaign: Virgile Bello

Why I’m Running

I noticed a lack of candidatures representing the game development field and high-performance .NET.

I believe .NET is a perfect match not only for game development but also various related fields such as AI, language parsing, massively parallel programming (GPU and CPU) and such.

As a result, I would like the .NET Foundation to dedicate some resources to:

  • Promote .NET in game development, AI, massively parallel programming and high-performance programming (i.e. be well represented at Game Developer Conferences and various other events) People in those fields need to be aware .NET could be a valid alternative.
  • Encourage the .NET ecosystem to take those use case into account (esp. for CoreCLR/CoreRT directions)
  • Encourage support for more platforms (console, mobile, etc.)

My .NET Contributions

  • Xenko: Lead developer of recently opensourced game engine Xenko It features realistic rendering, VR, editor and much more.

  • SharpLang: .NET to LLVM compiler and runtime prototype, no longer active since CoreCLR came out)

  • Various contributions to open source projects such as Mono, LLDB, etc.


Contact Information